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Family Therapy

What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a systemic type of therapy that focuses on improving communication and resolving conflicts within a family unit. It recognises that individual challenges often stem from family dynamics, and emphasises the importance of understanding and addressing issues. Through collaborative efforts, family therapy aims to enhance relationships, foster a supportive environment and promote positive changes in the family system.

Where Can I Have Family Therapy Near Me?

We offer family therapy in London from our clinics in Finchley (N3 2JU), Brixton/Clapham (SW2 5UL) and Hackney (E2 9FN). Home visits are also available if you would like a face-to-face session but are unable to travel.

Family therapy across the UK is also available in areas such as Belfast, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds and Swansea to name a few. Our team offer family therapy online and over the phone so that you can get support from the comfort of your home wherever you are based.

The 3 Stages Of Family Therapy

Step 1: Assessment & Interaction

Step 2: Identification Of Issues

Step 3: Intervention & Resolution

What Does Family Therapy Help With?

At The Oak Tree Practice, we offer support for a wide range of issues including family therapy for:



Bipolar Disorder




Eating Disorders



Behavioural Family Therapy For Psychosis

Attachment Based Issues

Blended Family

Do You Offer CBT In Family Therapy?

Yes, we can offer CBT family therapy techniques during your session. The Oak Tree Practice team are trained in a variety of therapies and will use their wealth of experience to offer the most suitable treatment based on the family involved. Other strategies may include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy and Compassion Focused Therapy.

Every family is different and so we will tailor the session towards your needs. We pride ourselves in creating a safe and comfortable space for the whole group. You can call us on 020 8936 7666 for a free 15 minute no obligation chat to find out if this may be suitable for your family.


Frequently Asked Questions About Family Therapy

Do You Offer Marriage And Family Therapy?

Yes, we can support those in close relationships i.e. married couples or families, to make helpful changes. The focus of the sessions will be to work on helping them as a unit, rather than focusing on the individuals’ issues.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Family Therapy?

Family therapy offers the advantage of addressing issues within the broader context of familial relationships, promoting understanding and communication among family members. It fosters a collaborative approach, allowing individuals to work together to improve the overall family dynamic and create lasting positive changes. However, a potential disadvantage lies in the need for active participation and commitment from all family members, as the success of family therapy hinges on their willingness to engage in the therapeutic process.

What Is The Difference Between Family Counselling And Family Therapy?

While family counselling typically focuses on addressing immediate issues or crises within the family, family therapy tends to delve deeper into understanding the underlying patterns and dynamics that contribute to these issues. Family therapy is often seen as a more comprehensive and longer term approach, aiming to reshape the overall family system and dynamics, whereas family counselling may be more short term and solution-focused.

What Are Some Different Types Of Family Therapy?

There are several different types of family therapy approaches that cater to a range of family dynamics and issues. Examples include structural family therapy, strategic family therapy, narrative therapy and systemic family therapy.

Does Family Therapy Work?

The effectiveness of family therapy in addressing a wide range of issues, including communication challenges, conflicts and behavioural problems within the family unit is very successful. Numerous studies and clinical experiences have shown that family therapy can be very effective in promoting positive changes, fostering better relationships and enhancing overall family well-being.

Will Family Therapy Work If Some Members Don't Come To The Session?

Ideally it would be best if all family members involved in any tension or strained behaviour could attend the session. However, we recognise this is not always possible and will adapt accordingly, offering useful advice and support on how you can interact with these family members going forward.