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Life Changes

What Are Life Changes?

Life changes refer to significant alterations or transitions in an individual’s circumstances, often resulting in a notable shift in their daily routine, relationships or overall lifestyle. These changes can be intentional or unexpected, ranging from career advancements to major events like marriage, parenthood or the loss of a loved one.

The Oak Tree Practice endeavours to support those going through life changes, providing tools and coping mechanisms on how to manage during this transitional period. Whether you need help learning how to deal with a life changing injury, divorce or anything else, our expert team of qualified therapists can assist you during this time.

What Are Some Examples Of Life Changes?

Our team of Psychologists and Psychotherapists are trained to assist you with major life changes. Examples include but are not limited to:


Divorce can cause profound change by reshaping family dynamics and disrupting established routines. It can lead to shifts in living arrangements, social circles and personal priorities, creating a transformative impact which can be overwhelming. Therapy for divorce can provide divorce support and techniques to get you through this change.

Career Changes

A career change can be a significant life transformation as individuals navigate shifts in professional identity, daily responsibilities and financial landscapes. It often involves stepping into unfamiliar territory and can have an impact on overall well-being. We offer career change support, and can also assist those who are unhappy in their jobs and looking for some direction on how to change this.

Moving Home

The process of moving home can be an overwhelming life change as you adjust to a new location and leave behind a space that may have meant alot to you. The emotional and physical toll of a move may require resilience and adaptability. We can support you during this transitional period, offering therapy techniques and tools to cope with this change.

Building A Family

Building a family can be an overwhelming life change, with lots of new responsibilities and lifestyle adjustments. From sleepless nights caring for a newborn to the continuous juggling act of balancing work and family life, the transformative nature of parenthood requires adaptability and patience. If you are struggling to cope with this new life change, then get in touch today and our team will be on hand to support you.

Significant Life Events

Significant life events, such as marriage, illness or the loss of a loved one, are big life changes that can be emotionally overwhelming. These events can reshape priorities, relationships and daily routines, demanding adaptation and resilience as individuals try to cope with their transformed lives. If you are struggling with this, The Oak Tree Practice can help you learn useful techniques to deal with any life changes that you may be facing.

How Will Therapy For Life Changes Work?

Step 1: Initial Discussion

Step 2: Learn How To Deal With Big Life Changes

Step 3: Feedback And Plan

Where Can I See A Therapist To Help Me Deal With Life Changes?

Our therapists offer sessions in our clinics in London in Finchley (N3 2JU), Brixton/Clapham (SW2 5UL) or Hackney (E2 9FN). Home visits are available on request.

We can also arrange telephone appointments or online sessions via zoom. This means that you can get the help that you may need to deal with life changes wherever you are based. Locations include but are not limited to Birmingham, Cambridge, Derby, Dundee, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Kent, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford, Salisbury, Surry and Warwick.

Can You Help Me Learn How To Deal With Big Changes In Life?

Yes, we can help you learn how to deal with change in life. Our team at The Oak Tree Practice comprises of 37 Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists, Psychotherapists and CBT Therapists who are all highly qualified with a wealth of experience.

They offer tools to help you deal with life changing events through various techniques, coping mechanisms and therapeutic support. Enquire via our contact form, Whatsapp us on 07926 713 198 or call us on 020 8936 7666 to get started today!


Client Testimonials For Issues We Have Helped With

I saw Ilan six times to help me with my crippling anxiety and low mood which has been stopping me from performing well at work. I was also starting to withdraw from my friends and family.

Ilan was welcoming and really went out of his way to support me with emails and telephone calls. Since meeting him, I am well on the way to recovery and feel better equipped to deal with my problems and overcome them. Thanks.

My sessions with Ilan have been the vital component in my road to recovery from mental health problems. The conversations we had and the tasks he set really aided me in recovering my confidence remarkably quickly. I would highly recommend Ilan to anyone suffering similar mental health problems as his work undoubtedly has made a profound impact on my health.

Bina has been an absolute godsend following the death of my husband. She is engaging, understanding and quickly adapted to my situation - above all she has shown me there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A true professional that comes highly recommended!

Amy you were simply wonderful, unlike the experiences I received with different psychologists a few years ago which simply added to the pain I was already suffering. Thank you for everything.

From our very first session, I immediately felt comfortable with Bina, which was a big relief. Through our sessions, I was able to better understand and make sense of my anxious thoughts, feelings and experiences because of the empathetic, supportive and educated therapist Bina is. She gave me the skills to be able to recognise and reframe unhelpful thoughts and feelings, which has made my day-to-day functioning much more manageable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Life Changes

What Are Key Signs Of Struggling To Cope With Life Changes?

Key signs of struggling to cope with life changes include persistent feelings of anxiety or sadness, and a sense of overwhelming stress that interferes with everyday life. Withdrawal from social activities, changes in sleep patterns and an inability to find joy in previously enjoyed activities may also indicate challenges in adjusting to significant life shifts.

Will Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Help Me Cope With Life Changes?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can be a valuable resource for coping with life changes by providing practical tools to manage your thoughts and emotions. CBT can help individuals to challenge negative thought patterns, develop healthier coping mechanisms and navigate the challenges of life changes with more resilience.

Can I Just Have 1 Therapy Session?

Yes, of course! We would be delighted if you are feeling better after 1 session and would not expect you to book further appointments. Should you however wish to book additional sessions, then you can get in touch to arrange another appointment.

How Long Do Counselling Sessions Last?

All of our sessions last 50 minutes. To book an appointment, enquire via our contact form, Whatsapp us on 07926 713 198 or call us on 020 8936 7666 to get started.

Can I Have My Therapy Session Over The Phone?

Yes, it is possible to have your therapy session over the phone. Alternatively, you can come to one of our clinics in Finchley, Hackney or Brixton/Clapham, and home visits are also available on request. There is also the option to have your appointment online via zoom.

Will My Appointment Be Covered By Insurance?

Most of our team are covered by the main healthcare insurance providers. Examples include AXA, Vitality Health, BUPA, Cigna, WPA and Simply Health. We recommend checking with your therapist before you have your first session.