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What Is Trauma?

Trauma is the aftermath of experiencing a very stressful or frightening incident or ongoing event. Examples include childhood trauma, relationship trauma and dental trauma. It can be extremely distressing and difficult to cope with, and is estimated to negatively affect 1 in 3 people who have faced a traumatic experience.

The feelings brought about by trauma can develop immediately or weeks, months or even a few years after the incident has taken place. If the symptoms of trauma last for more than a few months after the event, then you might be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), especially if you are triggered by certain words, images, noises or smells.

What Are Examples Of Trauma Disorder Symptoms?

Symptoms of trauma include:

  • Feeling anxious, nervous, tense, guilty or on edge.
  • Physical symptoms such as sweating, nausea and heart palpitations.
  • Trouble sleeping and nightmares.
  • Constant thoughts and images of the trauma going through your head.
  • Struggling to concentrate or focus.
  • Difficulty carrying out everyday activities.
  • Struggling to manage relationships with others.
  • Feeling overwhelmed and distressed whenever the trauma is remembered.
  • Neglecting work and other priorities.
  • Constantly trying to distract yourself.
  • Feeling alone or isolated.
  • Unhealthy behaviour such as overeating, drinking or smoking.

What Are Some Different Types Of Trauma?

Our expert team of qualified therapists are trained to assist with a variety of trauma disorders. See some examples below:

Victims Of Violence

Victims of violence trauma affects individuals who have experienced physical, emotional or psychological harm as a result of intentional acts of aggression, abuse or assault. This trauma can lead to a range of debilitating consequences, including heightened stress, anxiety and emotional distress.

Accidents (e.g. car)

Trauma caused by accidents, such as car accidents, results from the sudden and unexpected exposure to distressing events, leading to emotional and psychological distress. Individuals may grapple with symptoms like flashbacks, nightmares and heightened anxiety due to the traumatic experience.

Viewing A Traumatic Event

Trauma from viewing a distressing event occurs when an individual witnesses or is exposed to difficult situations, leading to emotional and psychological repercussions. This form of trauma can result in symptoms such as intrusive thoughts, emotional numbing and heightened stress.

Complex Trauma

Complex trauma typically refers to prolonged exposure to multiple and varied traumatic events, often occurring within interpersonal relationships or settings, such as ongoing abuse, neglect or domestic violence. Complex trauma can lead to enduring psychological challenges, affecting one’s ability to form healthy relationships.

Multiple Traumatic Events

Trauma caused by multiple traumatic events results from prolonged exposure to various distressing incidents. This repeated exposure can have cumulative and enduring psychological effects, contributing to difficulties in emotional regulation, interpersonal relationships and overall mental well-being.

Trauma Therapy in 3 Steps

Step 1: Be Welcomed To A Safe Space

Step 2: Learn How To Deal With Trauma

Step 3: Achieve Positive Growth

Where Can I See A Trauma Therapist Near Me?

The Oak Tree Practice offers therapy for trauma in our clinics in Finchley (N3 2JU), Brixton/Clapham (SW2 5UL) or Hackney (E2 9FN). Home visits are available on request should you wish to see a trauma therapist in London but are unable to travel.

We also offer trauma therapy across the UK via online zoom appointments and over the phone. Whether you need a trauma therapist in Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Plymouth, Surrey or anywhere else, you can book an appointment today. Simply enquire via our contact form, Whatsapp us on 07926 713 198 or call us on 020 8936 7666 to get started.

Can You Teach Me How To Recover From A Traumatic Event?

Yes, our team have extensive experience in trauma counselling, offering a safe and supportive space for you to process emotions and memories associated with the trauma. Through evidence-based techniques, our trauma therapists can assist in reframing negative beliefs, teaching coping strategies and helping you navigate the impact of the trauma on your daily life.

Through the therapeutic process, you can gain insights into your strengths, develop healthier coping mechanisms and gradually regain a sense of control over your life after experiencing trauma. We will be there to assist you every step of the way.


Private Therapy Clinic Reviews

I feel more upbeat about everything now. I've started to accept things for what they are and have my belief back that all will be okay.

My sessions with Ilan have been the vital component in my road to recovery from mental health problems. The conversations we had and the tasks he set really aided me in recovering my confidence remarkably quickly. I would highly recommend Ilan to anyone suffering similar mental health problems as his work undoubtedly has made a profound impact on my health.

Bina has been an absolute godsend following the death of my husband. She is engaging, understanding and quickly adapted to my situation - above all she has shown me there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A true professional that comes highly recommended!

Amy you were simply wonderful, unlike the experiences I received with different psychologists a few years ago which simply added to the pain I was already suffering. Thank you for everything.

From our very first session, I immediately felt comfortable with Bina, which was a big relief. Through our sessions, I was able to better understand and make sense of my anxious thoughts, feelings and experiences because of the empathetic, supportive and educated therapist Bina is. She gave me the skills to be able to recognise and reframe unhelpful thoughts and feelings, which has made my day-to-day functioning much more manageable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trauma

What Counts As Trauma?

Trauma can encompass a wide range of experiences that overwhelm an individual’s ability to cope, such as physical assault, natural disasters, accidents or ongoing emotional abuse. It is not only limited to extreme events; prolonged exposure to stress, neglect or witnessing violence can also be considered traumatic, as the impact is subjective and varies among individuals.

Do You Offer Trauma Focused CBT?

Yes we do offer CBT for trauma. Many of our therapists use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as part of their treatment. The aim is to empowers individuals to identify and challenge negative thought patterns to foster positive behavioural changes.

What Are Signs Of Emotional Trauma In Adults?

Adults experiencing emotional trauma may feel anxious, struggle to form and maintain healthy relationships or seem detached from their emotions. Additionally, recurring nightmares, heightened irritability and an inability to trust others may further indicate the enduring impact of emotional trauma on an individual’s mental well-being.

Can Trauma Cause ADHD?

No, trauma does not cause ADHD, as ADHD is primarily considered a neurodevelopmental disorder with genetic and environmental factors playing a role. However, exposure to trauma can contribute to attention and concentration difficulties that may mimic or exacerbate ADHD symptoms. The effects of ADHD and trauma can therefore sometimes cross over.

Is There Trauma Therapy For Children?

Yes, our sister practice the Little Bee Clinic offers child trauma treatment. The clinic specialises in helping and supporting children and young adults up to the age of 18 years old, with experienced therapists who can offer appropriate treatment such as Play Therapy or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Do You Offer Trauma Counselling Near Me?

Yes, we have 3 clinics in Finchley, Brixton/Clapham or Hackney if you wish to have a face-to-face-session. Alternatively, you can have trauma counselling online via zoom or over the phone from any location across the world. Whether you are based in the UK or further afield, we pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive service.