Bina helped me turn my life around in the space of a few short months, she seemed to ‘get’ me so quickly and always had the right answers whatever challenge I was facing. She is very easy to talk to and was able to give me real tools that I could use to help myself in every day life. I would not have been able to feel so positive without her help and I think she has been truly skilled at guiding me to the right path and I am so appreciative of our sessions. Very highly recommended!

"I have never been for therapy before, so naturally I was very nervous for my first session, not only about therapy and feeling vulnerable, but also about the therapist and whether I would feel judged. From our very first session, I immediately felt comfortable with Bina, which was a big relief.
Through our sessions, I was able to better understand and make sense of my anxious thoughts, feelings and experiences because of the empathetic, supportive and educated therapist Bina is. She gave me the skills to be able to recognise and reframe unhelpful thoughts and feelings, which has made my day-to-day functioning much more manageable.
I am incredibly grateful to Bina for helping me through a difficult time. I feel much less anxious now and I do find comfort in knowing that she gave me very effective tools to help me during times when I need it." 

As a family, we found the consultation sessions with our troubled teenager extremely helpful. After a 6 week period, she was much happier and able to cope with her issues. I would have no hesitation in recommending this Practice for dealing with personal problems.

My sessions with Ilan have been the vital component in my road to recovery from mental health problems. The conversations we had and the tasks he set really aided me in recovering my confidence remarkably quickly. I would highly recommend Ilan to anyone suffering similar mental health problems as his work undoubtedly has made a profound impact on my health.

I contacted Ilan when my son age 15 yrs suddenly started to struggle with impending exams and relationships.  Ilan was able to over the next year give my son a place of understanding and support to allow him to engage in the difficulties he was having and give him strategies to handle difficult situations. My son has now a more rounded sense of self and ability to cope with the natural challenges he faces in adolescence

I saw Ilan six times to help me with my crippling anxiety and low mood which has been stopping me from performing well at work. I was also starting to withdraw from my friends and family. Ilan was welcoming and really went out of his way to support me with emails and telephone calls. Since meeting him, I am well on the way to recovery and feel better equipped to deal with my problems and overcome them. Thanks.

Having seen on a Facebook page several people writing very complimentary reviews for Ilan and his child whispering ways, I decided to do some research. Here is a psychologist who truly cares, his work is multifaceted and his relaxed yet professional approach comes with humour (and very comfortable chairs!). 

He is able to speak to adults and children very much on whatever level is needed and will liaise with other professionals to achieve the best outcomes.

Although we have not been involved with other members of the team, whenever you see them in the practice, there are always smiles given freely and this is reflective of the Oak Tree treatment of all who enter ‘the Jewel of N2’.

Thoroughly recommend

It has been great for my son (7) to have had the opportunity to see Amy over the last 6 months for CBT. He really took to Amy and she was able to engage with him very well which resulted in a child who now sleeps through the night and suffers much less anxiety. Should we need to see a psychologist again, I will definitely contact Amy

I feel more upbeat about everything now. I've started to accept things for what they are and have my belief back that all will be okay

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