How the Daily Mail may be helpful for our mental health

“No-one really likes me.” “I’m useless.” “People wouldn’t miss me if I wasn’t here.” These are some of the thoughts that go through our minds every day. They’re not nice, in fact they’re horrible, and we would never say them to anyone else. Yet, we say them to ourselves. So what can we do about it? Well, the aim of this article is to provide you with a simple way of viewing these thoughts differently. This is not about controlling our thoughts or making them go away, it is about changing how we see them. As many have said before me, ‘thoughts are not facts’ and thinking something doesn't make it true. By altering the way we think so that we don't automatically believe everything that goes th

One small change might be the key to living a happier life

If I asked you what you stand for, what would you say? Let me put it another way. How would you like to be remembered? These are questions that we rarely ask ourselves. We live in a society driven by short-term goals and targets, which can sometimes mean we lose sight of what makes us, well, us. Our lives are dominated by goals. We set them, others set them for us, we are taught how to set them and can be afraid of what might happen if we don’t achieve them. In this article, I will be discussing an alternative to living our lives by goals and instead, choosing values. I know, I know, sometimes goals can be useful. I’m not saying to purge your life of any goal-setting activity. What I’m sugge

How to deal with the ‘junk mail’ in your head

We’ve all experienced it. That little voice in our heads which pops up from time to time.. “I’m not good enough”, “They’re not going to like me”, “I can’t do this”. These kind of thoughts can not only impact on our professional lives, but our personal ones too. So, what can we do to with these thoughts and how does this all relate to junk mail? Well, this is where I’m going to share a simple technique with you that might help. Now a small change of tack, and bare with me here.. I’d like you to think about the postal service for a moment. Imagine that we classify mail within three categories.. good, necessary and junk. The good mail is the material that comes through our door that we like.. t

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